Stelarc, Edinburgh Napier University, 14 April 2009

Stelarc is an Australian-based perfomance artist whose work explores and extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology. Edinburgh Napier University is bringing Stelarc, and his implanted, wifi enabled ‘third’ ear, to the Edinburgh International Science Festival for two remarkable shows.

Alternate Anatomical Architectures: Fractal Flesh, Chimeras & Extra Ears

An extra ear has been surgically constructed onto Stelarc’s arm. When electronically augmented, the ear will become internet enabled, allowing people in other places to listen to what his ear is hearing. Stelarc will discuss his controversial career, and his thought-provoking work that explores ideas about the relationship between bodies and machines. Using human-machine interfaces such as medical imaging, prosthetics, robotics, virtual reality systems and internet communication technologies, Stelarc’s work suggests that we have never really had a mind of our own, and that we often perform involuntarily, whether conditioned to do so or externally prompted.

TUESDAY 14 APRIL • 7pm-8pm • The Hub • £8 (£6)

Online booking:
Booking hotline: 0131 553 0322