‘Sound Seeker’ by David Jhave Johnston

[via Jim Andrews @ Vispo]

David Jhave Johnston (Canada)

Sound Seeker is a “code-synch beat-match jump-edit txt-tool” written in Actionscript. Jhave says Sound Seeker is “an online real-time beat-synchronized poem animator. Sound drives the rhythm of the words: their speed and style of display can be controlled.” The homepage shows twelve experimental video poems produced by Jhave with Sound Seeker. Access the underlying interactive Flash app in the “Method” section. In the “Motivation” section, Jhave discusses remarks by Rudolph Arnheim concerning intermedia. A fascinating poetry, programming, video, audio, 3D animation, and theory/poetics project-and the writing is very lively on its own. A significant project in digital poetry of considerable achievement.

You can see more of what Jhave is doing on his site at http://glia.ca