Six scholarships in low-residency MFA at Transart – deadline 1 April 2012

SIX SCHOLARSHIPS have become available in the International MFA Creative Practice. The scholarships range from USD 6,000 to 18,000. More information on the scholarships can be found on Transart’s website.



– A contemporary learning experience without grades or pre-formatted curriculum
– Summer intensives in Berlin, the art capital of Europe
– Fall and spring residencies in New York City
– Workshops, seminars, professional development, studio and performance tours
– Develop a sustainable artistic praxis rather than being trained in certain media or genre
– Design your own course of studies
– Realize your creative projects with the support of curators, faculty and self-chosen advisors
– Low-residency format allows you to keep professional and family obligations while advancing your career
– International make up of students and faculty fosters exchange across cultural boundaries
– Alumni and faculty form an international collective with exhibition and performance opportunities
– Offsite study, critiques and advisement wherever you live and work
– Regular one on one reviews and interactions with a variety of established and up and coming curators
– Thesis exhibition and performances reviewed, critiqued and curated by established international curators

TRANSART STUDENTS are emerging and mid-career artists and educators. Transart Institute’s residencies are a meeting place for cultural exchange. Transart students and alumni will converge for the summer residency from areas as diverse as Thailand, Egypt, Italy, Pakistan, Iceland, Croatia, Ethiopia, Canada, Costa Rica, the UK and the US.

For many students the time at Transart is a transformational experience. Performer and painter Nicole Stager wrote: “This program has changed my life in profound ways. My art practice is more informed, better articulated, more open, more thoughtful, more grounded in theory.” New York based artist Virgil Wong found “The community I’ve become a part of through Transart is already much more immersive than what I’ve developed in ten years of living and working as an artist in New York City”. Photographer and performer Angelika Rinnhofer found that “to work independently can pose a challenge but it also offers freedom and flexibility. Since a large number of students are accomplished artists and earn a living, Transart’s concept is ideal to work toward a degree and to expand one’s artistic career in addition to having a job.” You can learn more about the experiences other students have had at Transart online

Reciting Sites, a seminar with Andy Warhol grant recipient Myron Beasley that contemplates and interrogates the cultural politics of public art and its construction of Memory and history with performance theory.

Nowhere to Go, a workshop with Nicolás Estevéz, on the subject of art=life which continues to be as relevant today as it was decades ago when Linda Montano, Martha Wilson and Fluxus, for example, developed works that existed within the everyday. The workshop will lead students to tap into everyday life to use their experiences as material for art.

Working the Self, a workshop with Laura González, that explores how the artist copes with making work about him or herself. What is revealed and what is created in the process of unveiling one’s thoughts, experiences, dreams or life stories? Can an artist ever create work that is not about the self? This course will explore mechanisms by which work about the self is created, but also analysed.

Remembering Spaces, a workshop team-taught by Deborah Aschheim and Lisa Mezzacappa, dedicated to how we experience spaces with our bodies and senses, how we remember these embodied experiences and how we can devise new ways of observing, recording and recreating spatial experiences that get at the deeper truth of the phenomenological and narrative experience.

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