SIGGRAPH 2008 – deadline 30 January 2008

General Submission
Deadline is 30 January 2008

Support materials must be uploaded by 27 February 2008.

New for SIGGRAPH 2008
General Submission Preparation

We have designed the submission process to save you time, dissolve boundaries among traditional programs and afford you the best possible jury evaluation. You can now describe your work once and propose that it be evaluated for multiple presentation formats.

In addition to the typical materials that make up a submission, you must craft and classify your submission in three ways.
1. Submission Areas as defined by our conference themes
2. Submission Categories
3. Presentation Formats

*** Submission Areas *** are themes of high impact to community audiences. Important for SIGGRAPH 2008 are: Complexity and Accessibility, Future History, Global Responsibility, Impact on Society, Professional Development and Education, SIGGRAPH Core, Slow Art, Computer Animation Festival.

For in-depth descriptions of each of these areas follow the right sidebar links on this page

*** Submission Categories *** will aid in the jury process and help us to cluster your contributions with other similar proposals for best possible evaluation.

For category definitions read here

*** Presentation Formats *** allow you to identify the most relevant channels for bringing accepted content to the SIGGRAPH audience. We encourage you to specify as many formats as are appropriate for a given submission.

For presentation format details read here

More General Submission Deadline Details

Remember, 30 January 2008 is the deadline for you to describe the scope of your General Submission. By that date you must enter a title, a summary statement, a description, your choice of Submission Areas, Submission Categories, Presentation Formats, and keywords. We will use this information to define a balanced jury and to determine jury logistics.

After completing your General Submission, you will have until 27 February 2008 to upload additional required and optional support materials. You can learn more specifics about the materials from within the submission system itself.

More Important Links

To access the Online Submission Form, follow the link off this page

We know you’ll have questions and we’ve been working hard to anticipate them. Important FAQ’s are on these two pages

Of course, if you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us

To read more about important dates, including our deadlines for Late Breaking submissions and Technical Papers, visit these pages

We look forward to receiving your submission as we work together to make this the best SIGGRAPH ever.

Thanks for reading and feel free to pass this information along to other potential submitters.


Jacquelyn Martino
SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference Chair
IBM Research, Watson

on behalf of the

The SIGGRAPH 2008 Committee