SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival – deadline 14 March 2007

“That, to me, is the most important thing. I want to see things that no one’s ever seen before.”- Tom DeFanti, SIGGRAPH Pioneer

In the three decades since SIGGRAPH participants first gathered to show each other their 16mm films, the Computer Animation Festival has grown into the premier event for the world’s most innovative and accomplished films made using the computer. Spanning contributions from art, science, visual effects, real-time graphics, and narrative shorts, the show has consistently brought to light never-before-seen visions of pioneering artists and scientists.

The SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival invites submissions in all categories that will continue to innovate and amaze. Selections made by an internationally recognized jury will be showcased in the festival’s Electronic Theater and Animation Theaters, and will have the opportunity to become part of computer graphics history on the SIGGRAPH Video Review.

Find your vision and will it onto the screen. Study what’s come before and then blow it away. Send us something something no one’s ever seen before.