Sex & Drugs & Profiteroles

Another literary Alice has gone live this week at The story is told via a weekly videoblog, and tells the story “of events which transpired in a short space of time, a single week in the summer of 2006. A central character, the heroine perhaps, the catalyst certainly, is Alice.”

Of particular interest to those wondering how to earn a living through digital storytelling is the delivery model. Chapters 1-13 will be available for free, while the rest of the story (chapters 14-39) are available through a single payment of £5.99 (or $10.99), with each chapter lasting approximately 30 minutes. That works out as over twelve hours of content for £6, or almost twenty hours of content if you include the free chapters, which is amazing value compared to purchasing a two hour film on DVD at two or three times the cost.

I hope the series is a success: aside from the great concept (and having another Alice on the literary block), it would be nice to be able to point to an example of new literature being successfully delivered online to erase the memory of Stephen King’s aborted attempt.