Secret Garden by Martin Rieser and Andrew Hugill – DMU Cube gallery, Phoenix, Leicester, UK – 10 September to 1 October 2012

Martin Rieser and Andrew Hugill (De Montfort University)
Mon 10 Sep – Mon 1 Oct
Location: DMU Cube gallery at Phoenix
Entry: Free

A contemporary retelling of the Garden of Eden story through a ‘digital opera’ – featuring Adam and Eve as computer-generated avatars and the Secret Garden as an idyllic three-dimensional ‘augmented-reality’ world.

In this rich interactive installation, viewers can follow the characters – as they examine their choices in a fallen world – via any one of eleven iPads mounted in the DMU Cube gallery. The viewer’s presence and their movements – along with those of other audience members – changes the musical score and the viewing of the actors.

Combining music, dance, poetry and song, with technologies including motion-capture and computer gaming, this beautiful installation explores the potential of augmented-reality technology in art – where elements of an environment are ‘augmented’ by computer-mediated sensory input.