Review of Spill >> Forward by Transnational Temps by Rob Myers

Spill >> Forward by Transnational Temps (Review).

Review by Rob Myers

Spill >> Forward by Transnational Temps is an ‘Online Exhibition’ of images and other media on the theme of oil spills. With some works shown at the MediaNoche gallery in New York from July 30 – October 10, 2010. Transnational Temps is an international arts collective concerned with ecology, sustainability, and media. Since its formation in 2001 it has produced a series of critically acclaimed works and exhibitions under the banner Earth Art for the 21st Century. Working primarily from Europe and the United States, works to date have emphasized participation, tactical media, and spanning the sometimes awkward divide between activist advocacy and aesthetics.

As media attention wanes, the impact of British Petroleum’s Deep Horizon, off-shore drilling disaster continues to unfold. Artists worldwide respond to this new ecological catastrophe in a group show organized by Transnational Temps, an arts collective exploring the interstices of art, ecology and technology. For Andy Deck, one of the founding members of Transnational Temps and the curator of the show, “After a decidedly unsuccessful round of climate negotiations in Copenhagen, the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico frames this exhibition of Earth Art for the 21st Century.”

“Now hidden from view by BP’s media campaigns and other de facto censoring actions, the images of oil-covered birds struggling to breathe and fly, oil and dispersant-coated fish, dolphins and whales washing up dead while most sink to the ocean floor, have all but vanished. Partially filling the void are the artists showing here who are recreating topographies: mapping the course of a deadly shadow over our shores and waters; and reinterpreting the sea, its rising levels and largesse, before the vicissitudes of man and nature.”

Aritists Include – Fred Adam and Verónica Perales, Susanne Slavick, Jesus Andres, Gene Gort, Jeremy Newman, Graham Bell, Gavin Baily, Ume Remembers, Russell Ritell, Gratuitous Art Films, Matusa Barros, Mark Cooley, Alex George, Jessie Mann, Cristina Osuna Migueles, Sabina Antón Cardenal, Fred Adam and Verónica Perales, S. Slavick and Andrew E. Johnson, Patrick Mathieu, Henry Gwiazda, Chris Basmajian, Adrián Madrid, Geoffrey Michael Krawczyk, Guillermo Hermosilla Cruzat, Tim Geers, Maria-Gracia Donoso, Collette Broeders, Alyce Santoro, Terri Garland, Sereal Designers, Jessica Eik, UBERMORGEN.COM and Teister, Chris Dascher, Irad Lee, Adrienne Klein, Eric Benson, Virginia González, Luke Munn, Skwarek and Hocking…