Review: Jhave Johnston’s “Sound Seeker” by Jim Andrews

[Review by Jim Andrews]

Sound Seeker — code-synch beat-match jump-edit txt-tool

Human-Mind-Machine is retro in two senses. First: it’s totemic. Second: it uses loops to generate beats that syncopate.It reconciles animist and mechanist philosophy by visually combining cardiac palpitations with repetitive pneumatics.I keep my kitchen at 5 degrees above zero. …

Jhave Johnston is a poet-programmer who has produced a large body of intermedial net art for many years at His most recent project, Sound Seeker, like most of his work, is a Flash app. He says in the "About" section that Sound Seeker is "an online real-time beat-synchronized poem animator. Sound drives the rhythm of the words: their speed and style of display can be controlled." What you see on the homepage of the project are twelve experimental videos produced by Jhave with Sound Seeker. You can access the underlying interactive Flash app itself in the "Method" section of the documentation. In the "Motivation" section, Jhave discusses remarks by Rudolph Arnheim concerning intermedia. This is a fascinating project that also has terrific documentation.