Red Night Poetry – participatory project by Lello Masucci


Digital poetry was born from the relation between man and machine.

That Relation is developing on two Planes: a surface – plane where you can see the result of a poetic action, and a deepest plane, hidding, realized by the software whom allows to carry out that kind of relation. In this type of costruction, the conception, creation of the software and the outcome are making the digital poetry.


The software was made to put a connection between man-machine founded on minimal elements: the click of the mouse and position of the click in a particulate field of desk. The result is the answer of the machine by man’s stimuluses. The connection become a communication and its outcome is a product that we use to call: digital poetry.

Its language has formed by minimal elements becoming words of a poetic communication.
“Red night poetry” is a digital poetry made by a lot of numeric poetries done by internet consumers.


1. All users, when they find the page:

begin to make his poetry clicking in various position in the blue field. It’ll born a coloured drawing that at the end it’ll create the digital poetry.

2. It doesn’t possible to erase the effects of the clicks but we can just erase everything and to start again pressing reload taste of the browser.

3. When the users complete the poetry, to take part to the creation of “Red Night poetry”, they have to press the key “K” on the keyboard, so it’ll copy the new poetries. Then, they have to stick up the copied imagine to the software as: Paint, Photoshop or others.

They have to save these files without compression in format .jpg and to send it to:

info [at]

If they get an e-mail program as Outlook Express (Windows) or Mail (Mac) or other program, when they’ve finished digital poetry, press “K” tast of the keyboard and press the link “INVIA” situated below digital poetry, to stick up it in the mail message and to send the

The size of poetry is 720 px X 576 px and the resolution of 72 dpi, that is the same size of DV PAL photogram. Therefore, poetry can be to put in a video and printed on photograph paper. Both video and all the printed matter constitude the art istallation called “Red night poetry”.

It’ll present to the public in a room of the PAN (Palazzo Arti Napoli), during the Lello Masucci’s art exhibition from the 28 march to 27 april 2009. Each poetries will be put on the internet webpage: