Reconstructing Mayakovsky – A Novel of the Future, by Illya Szilak

If you have a few minutes, I recommend having a look at this wonderful piece of digital writing by Illya Szilak, with animation and graphic design by Pelin Kirca, that fictionally and factually explores one of the most important (and overlooked) writers of the last century.

“Set in the future, Reconstructing Mayakovsky revisits the past to make sense of our chaotic present. Inspired by Vladimir Mayakovsky, the Russian Futurist poet who killed himself in 1930 at the age of thirty-six, the novel imagines a world where uncertainty and tragedy have finally been eliminated through technology.” (Illya Szilak)

Illya uses a variety of medias and methods, including manifestos, texts, animations, podcasts, music, and data visualisations. The result is a engrossing multilayered digital sci-fi/fantasy/biographical ‘novel’, well worthy of the artist who inspired it.