Send a Snowflake

Client: Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Date: 2011
Services: Project management, Flash programming, design


A website and Facebook app created for Breakthrough Breast Cancer in partnership with design agency Maxx. It asked users to ‘send a snowflake’ to a friend or loved one, with an optional dedication and personal message. Each sent flake turned from white to pink, creating a rosy ‘Breakthrough blizzard’.

The primary goals were to generate new prospect data, recruit new financial supporters, and establish the effectiveness of digital channels in promoting these asks. Send a Snowflake massively exceeded all three KPIs: user numbers by 120%, users opted-in to further communications by 100%, and donations by 400%.

Finalist, Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence Awards


Send a Snowflake
Send a Snowflake
Send a Snowflake
Send a Snowflake
Send a Snowflake


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Chris provided a very insightful view on what would be needed content wise, and pinned down what the right tone should be for a very specific audience.

He was a pleasure to work with and I hope to continue to work with Chris on future projects.

Corrina Stegner
Corrina Stegner Freelance Producer