Dr. Tilean

Client: Dr. Tilean
Website: drtilean.com
Date: 2016-
Services: Website


An eCommerce-enabled WordPress website for Dr. Tilean, a psychologist and coach who offers three unique ways (WAKE UP . FLY . DISCOVER) to start your journey of self-transformation.


  • Dr. Tilean

I worked with Chris to build my website for my 'dream' business and so it was really important for me to work with someone that got my vision and was willing to help me make it come to life in the best way possible, and Chris did that. He was there for me every single step of the way, explained all the technology stuff in an easy and straightforward way and was always able to provide support.

I'm extremely grateful for the massive impact Chris has had in the development of my business! I know for a fact that my branding and functionality of my website has contributed massively to my business success.

Dr. Tilean Clarke Soul Inspired Mindset & Business Coach