PixelAche Network at Access Space, Sheffield, 3-5 April 2014

1. Introducing the PixelAche Network, Thu-Sat 3rd-5th April
2. Open Platform 5, Fri 4th April 6-8pm

Introducing the PixelAche Network

Pixelache is an international network of cultural organisations engaging with art, technology and social change. In 2015 Access Space will be hosting the UK’s first “PixelAche” festival. In preparation for this, we’ve invited representatives from some other Pixelache nodes to visit us. From 3rd-5th April we’re hosting artists, curators and cultural animateurs from Finland, France, Iceland and Norway.

Come and meet them, and find out more! This is an opportunity to develop ideas, connections and collaborations, perhaps with a view to taking part in the 2015 Festival.

All activities are free. Please email for more info.

From 3rd-5th there will be ongoing amusements and activities involving:

* “Pirate Box” Mathieu Marguerin & Benjamin Cadon (FR) (labomedia.net) – Create invisible local network through router hacking Benjamin will run a workshop based on pirate boxes (hacking a router for an invisible local P2P network + setting up a Raspberry PI for FM casting). From this starting point, it can lead to sound/video streaming, air data sniffing, radio waves sonification… Benjamin runs a non profit facility (www.labomedia.net) in Orléans and is also an artist. He’s proposing a sound performance visualizing networks around and sonifying a wifi hotspot under attack.
* “Subversive Origami” Rasmus Hungnes (NO) (rasmushungnes.com)
* “Cafe Access Space” John W. Fail (US/EE/FI) (icewhistle.com)

On Saturday, 5th April, 14:00-18:00, there will be an afternoon of presentations including:

* Nathalie Aubret (FR/FI) (pixelache.ac) “Introducing the PixelAche Network”
* John W. Fail (US/EE/FI) (icewhistle.com) “Exploring Our Relationship to Sound & Space”
* James Wallbank (GB) (access-space.org) “Crowdfunding and Tactical Art”
* Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdóttir (IS) “Retrieving Past Futures”
* Gisle Frøysland (NO) (piksel.no) “About Drones”
* Tuomo Tammenpää (FI) (www.misusage.org) “Case Vinde, a Community Activation Co-operative”

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< OPEN PLATFORM 5 - Fri 4th April, 6.00-8.00pm RAP(s) - Random Access Performances - TwT.hashbangbinbash -x The Hindus believe that if you put a shell to your ear you can listen to the universe ... OPEN PLATFORM/RAP(s)-TwT. is a micro event that explores the digital with physical means by asking performers to present digital work without using anything digital. In a small, intimate space performers take up the challenge of re-thinking the digital with free interpretations that are 1 to 10 minutes in duration, about or related to digital technology and happening on some sort of platform. 'Technology without Technology' (TwT) performances are a creative, playful strategy to negotiate the 'unknowable' of digital technology and the constant information overload in our contemporary world. OPEN PLATFORM_4/RAP(s)-TwT.hashbangbinbash -x will feature performances by Richard Bolam http://richardbolamat50.wordpress.com/ Liz Hall http://www.utk.org.uk/ Jake Harries/Paul Newman @HackingSheff Susanne Palzer/John X. Moseley/Kate Sicchio http://arandomprocessexperiment.blogspot.co.uk/ https://twitter.com/_Jo_Mo http://blog.sicchio.com/ James Price http://jamesmprice.wordpress.com/ We are keen to see some script run but anything goes as long as it is about or related to digital technology. RAP(s) - Random Access Performances: OPEN PLATFORM_5/RAP(s) - TwT.hashbangbinbash -x will take place in the Access Space Foyer. More information about OPEN PLATFORM/RAP(s)-TwT. and previous events here: http://arandomprocessexperiment.blogspot.co.uk/p/open-platform.html Like Open_Platform_ on Facebook or send us a tweet! @Open_Platform_ @AccessSpace @HackingSheff