Philip Leverhulme Prizes 2011 – deadline 17 May 2011

for PERFORMING and VISUAL ARTS researchers

WHO: outstanding researchers in Performing and Visual Arts at an early stage in their careers who have already acquired an international reputation for their work. Applicants should be under the age of 36 on 17 May and hold a post (irrespective of the source of funding) in a UK institution of higher education or research.

WHAT: up to 30 Philip Leverhulme Trust 2011 prizes in Performing and Visual Arts

WHEN: decisions will be made by the end of November 2011, and Prizes are to be taken up before the end of November 2012.

PAYMENTS: value of each Prize will be £70,000, to be spent within two or three years

DETAILS: awards can be used for any purpose to advance the prize holder’s research, with the following exceptions: augmentation of the prize holder’s salary and institutional overheads. Awards will be made in recognition of the past research or artistic achievement of nominees and with the expectation that this achievement reflects outstanding promise for future work. Nominations are also accepted for those aged 36 to 39 inclusive if they have had a distinct career change or break. A full list of all disciplines can be found on the Leverhulme Trust website.

.Deadline: 17 May 2011