PART/Flickr mashup with Yahoo Pipes

You may have seen some mention recently of Yahoo Pipes. As Bill Thompson describes it, Pipes “lets you take a data feed such as the result of a web search, or an RSS feed from a blog or news site, or a set of tagged photos on Flickr, and transform it to produce the outcome you want.”

I’ve been having a little play with the system, and it is remarkably easy to use. Here’s a PART (Production And Research in Transliteracy)/Flickr mashup that reworks the PART blog through related Flickr images –

Not sure if this transliteracy, but it’s certainly fun.


  • Bruce says:

    Oh this is really interesting. I’ve not come across pipes before but my gut instinct is that yahoo have deployed a usable metaphor. Mashups are mysterious things but if you can make it all drag and drop then the Myspace generation can do it. If the Myspace generation can do it then it’ll take off.

    This is well worth keeping an eye on.

    Is it transliteracy, I don’t know but it feels like it and my working definition of transliteracy these days is “if it feels like it it might be”. Seriously, I suspect that transliteracy is about deploying multiple literacies. Pipes might be a metaphor for how these literacies interact.

  • Chris Joseph says:

    Hi Bruce,

    yes, it seems a lot of people are excited by the possibilities of this kind of mashup, and how (relatively) simple it is. The backend certainly remains mysterious, to me at least!