“Open Call Library” for Supercalifragilistic – Mistaken Landscapes, Sardinia – deadline May 2010

From Giancarlo Norese:

dear friends,

I’ve been invited as a Visiting Professor at a new residency program that will be held in Sardinia, Italy, during april-may 2010 (“Supercalifragilistic – Mistaken Landscapes”, the visual arts section of a wider project named Le Ville Matte, www.levillematte.it ). It’s a project about matter, fragility, chaos, emergency, precariousness, nature, love, debris, the “mistakes” of the landscape and architecture as a narration. This project bases itself on minimal and featherlight actions that help us remember who we are, or who we could become.

As a part of the project, I’m trying to arrange an “Open Call Library”: artists are invited to send their artists’ books, catalogues and magazines, in order to build up a small library that will be used by the artists in residence and that subsequently will become part of the local library catalogue.

Artists, architects, activists and theorists who wants to contribute to our “Open call Library” can send their publications to:

“Le Ville Matte”
Biblioteca Comunale, c/o Castello Siviller
via Baronale, 23
09034 Villasor (CA), Italy

my best wishes,

giancarlo norese

skype: casa_gialla