Open call for residencies/research in Barraco #55, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – ongoing deadline

Barraco #55 = Research + (Co) Creation
This is an open call for proposals for artist residencies, internships and / or theoretical research in Barraco #55, an Art and Research Center in the favela of Complexo do Alemao, Rio de Janeiro. Researchers, students and artists are invited to explore – in collaboration with the local community – topics on art, popular culture, technology and sustainability within the context of a recently pacified (by UPP police) urban community (favela) in Rio de Janeiro. We are looking for cultural exchange and interaction within and outside of the community in order to develop sociocultural and environmental proposals that encourage social mobilization through art and culture, as well as the transformation of an area classified as “poor” into an area characterised by creativity, innovation and cultural efflorescence.

Purpose of Residence
Residencies are oriented towards creating international connections that foster the exchange of knowledge and culture for reflection and mutual enrichment. More specific objectives include studying and researching local topics and issues so as to arrive at a better understanding of an area such as this in the present context; breaking stereotypes and countering prejudice; and exchanging different cultures and knowledge.

What is Barraco #55?
Research + (Co) Creation

Barraco #55 is a house and cultural incubator in Complexo do Alemao, a recently pacified urban community in Rio de Janeiro. Our overall goal is to connect and to boost the exchange of knowledge and culture, within and outside of the community, and to develop cultural projects that reveal and resolve issues and problems. Barraco #55’s small permanent staff cooperates with residents, neighborhood associations, organizations and community leaders in order to map out and explore local issues. We subsequently devise points of action and link these to the knowledge and expertise of artists or researchers interested in starting local community projects, interning in local organizations, or researching current and urgent topics, either independently or in cooperation with Barraco #55.

Our role is to introduce the artists and researchers to the community, and to substantially support them in their (research) projects. Moreover, Barraco #55 has a facilitating role, helping the artists and researchers to integrate in the local institutions and organizations, aiming at the formation of a network of local and foreign professionals.

Our Projects
We are working on a variety of ongoing projects in the areas of street art, new media, photography, film, urban planning, gender and urban gardening. Our partners are primarily specialized in the fields of ecology and recycling, audiovisual technology and art. Artists and researchers can also submit their own research proposal or work. We do not limit ourselves to a single discipline, instead we are keen to receive people from different backgrounds in order to preserve a diverse research base.
Visit our website ( for an overview of our current and previous projects.

Complexo do Alemao is a complex in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. It is made up out of 13 communities and houses approximately 300,000 residents. Until the Brazilian army occupied the area in late 2010, Complexo do Alemao used to be controlled by drug traffickers, and could be considered a parallel community that basically managed to survive independently, separate from the rest of society. Under the traffickers’ reign, the area saw its own system emerge (complete with transport, housing, water, gas, electricity and garbage collection), which seemed disorganized at first, but which has adapted to local structures over the years. Today, with the presence of the UPP (the pacification police unit that continued the army’s occupation), the violence in the area has decreased considerably, but a lot of new social, political, cultural and economical challenges rear their heads every day. Opportunities for transformation emerge alongside new problems here, and residents, institutions and social movements try to cope with these changes, seeking improvement for their community.

What we are looking for
We are looking for dedicated people over 18, that preferably have a certain amount of experience in community work or research and that are prepared to devote a period of time (ranging from two weeks to six months) towards developing a (research) project. Basic knowledge of Portuguese is useful but not necessary.

What we offer
Accommodation (paid*)
A workspace and the use of tools and equipment free of charge
A network of residents, locals and local institutions
A team of 2-4 project coordinators, both local and international, who speak English, Portuguese and Portañol
A group of up to to 12 artists / researchers to collaborate with

* We are an independent center and would like to keep it that way! Continuing our work – facilitating, supporting and hosting – requires a minimum amount of compensation from our residents (based on the average rent in the city of Rio de Janeiro) to ensure the hosting of future residents and further developments in Barraco #55. If you need a letter of recommendation to apply for scholarships or other forms of sponsorship, we can easily write one for you!

Previous artists and researchers in residence have committed themselves to documentation of their activities on our collaborative blog and website. We would also like to receive your printed work (pictures, map designs, etc.) in order to exhibit it in our house. Furthermore, you could consider offering workshops to the community, participate in interventions, writing an essay or article about your experience or any other proposal that might be of interest to us, the other artists and researchers in residence, and to the community in general.

To become part of the team and to integrate into the community as much as possible, we usually host our artists and researchers in residence in the Barraco #55 house and work space. We have single rooms or mixed dormitories, and we will provide bed linen and towels. Residents are asked to assist the team in cleaning and organizing the house, as well as maintaining our outside project space (the square).


Deadlines – Proposals for artist residencies and research should be sent at least three weeks prior to arrival.

Application forms can be sent to . Within two days, you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you don’t receive a confirmation email from us within two days, please contact us through Facebook:

Both individuals or groups of up to 12 people can apply. If you would like to apply with a larger group, please consult us about the possibilities for alternative accommodation within the community.

In order to apply, you’ll need to fill in an application form that can be submitted in .doc, .odt or .pdf format to . Included in the form are personal data, a mini resume, a work or research proposal for your own project or an existing project, and a personal motivation. The form can be found at:

We attempt to provide you with a concrete answer about the possibilities of a residency with your project proposal and within your desired time period no more than a week after we have received your proposal.

Upon application, we assume that the author of the the proposal has read and agreed to all terms mentioned above.

Please contact us if you are interested or have any other questions.
+55 21 7184 4465 / +55 21 7184 4850
Skype: barraco55