New Reviews/Articles on Furtherfield Dec 08

New Reviews/Articles on Furtherfield Dec 08.

Co-Pilot by Space.Media.Arts and Solarassociates
Review by Mark R Hancock

Co-Pilot has been created as a forum for recording the experiences of anyone who has ever been involved in a media arts project developed at the intersection of artistic practise and social engagement in community programs and beyond. The tag line of “Shared resources for people working at the intersection of art, technology and social change,”is a clarion call that promises a chance to be involved beyond the projects that people have been working and to look towards the future and how shared knowledge helps.

‘Playful’ at London Games Festival Fringe 2008.
Review by Corrado Morgano

Pixel-labs’ “Playful:Game Design London” at Conway hall (30/10/08) was part of the London Games Festival Fringe. It wasn’t what I expected. I hadn’t done my homework before going and I had only seen a list of presenters next to the organisations that they represented. I expected corporate plugs of their latest products, the Beeb’s latest convergence project, some cutscene showreels etc. No, it was more than that. Whilst presenters proudly boasted their affiliations they also presented their own work. The event could arguably be described as Dorkbot for videogames. Dorkbot’s strapline ‘people doing strange things with electricity’; this time the electricity is powering Xboxes, PCs and Wii’s (oh and the other ones too!) A brief description of the presentations should give a decent idea of the richness of the event.

Publication – Welcome To Mars by Ken Hollings.
Fantasies of Science in the American Century 1947-1959. Strange Attractor Press 2008.
Review by Rob Myers.

Their latest book is “Welcome To Mars” by Ken Hollings, subtitled “Fantasies of Science in the American Century 1957-1959”. Hollings combines the history of 1950s America as told by the New York Times with the same history as told by the Fortean Times. It’s eye-opening (sometimes consciousness-expanding) stuff, a look at the wiring under the board of the culture and technology of an era.