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Today, The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for International Visual Arts launches the first issue of its new international newsletter. The online publication will offer news about Danish/international visual arts and at the same time provide international art professionals with up-to-date information about networking opportunities and various funding possibilities.

The opening issue will feature:

– A short film with the director of Malmø Konsthall, Jacob Fabricius, who has curated this year’s special Nordic section at the Armory art fair inNew York, opening on March 6. In the film, Fabricius explains why he has included a sideshow with free stuff for the audience to take home. The sideshow includes free items produced by more than 25 Nordic artists.

– Q & A session with Danish artist and curator Hannah Heilmann, who has created an international art exhibition in a shopping mall in Copenhagen .

– Articles on Brazilian-born artist Tamar Guimarães, who will exhibit at Jeu de Paume, and Danish-Vietnamese artist Danh Vo, who is preparing an extensive solo show at The Renaissance Society inChicagothis autumn.

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