New Furtherfield site

[From Marc Garrett]

Welcome to a new Furtherfield…

We are pleased to announce a new Furtherfield with the creation, design and technical development of a dynamic content management system (CMS). We invite our ever-increasing users, audiences, practitioners, and digitally, cross and poly-culturally focused explorers to continue with us in the discovery of viewing, researching and sharing contemporary media art.

We invite you come and join us:
Create a new user ID by registering either from the front end of the site or via this link –

New changes/features to Furtherfield include:

– All reviews/interviews of artists projects are now tagged from the front page and through the site, so that users can find related information, either about projects, subjects, artists, groups, interviews, reviewers, genre etc…

– A more comprehensive and user friendly ID card section which include users, artists, reviewers & groups.

– An updated ‘Public Broadcast’ section for visitors/users to add and promote projects and events.

– Under the ‘Public Broadcast’ section on the front page we have set up an area where users can recommend their own favourite reviews, artworks, interviews featured on Furtherfield for others to view.

– New sections for easy access to view artists/reviewers and reviews/articles on Furtherfield.

– Updated system so that reviewers are now able to add their own reviews themselves.

– Updated system so that it is easier for artists and groups to update/add new work, projects and material to their personal ID cards on Furtherfield whenever they wish to.

Remember, Furtherfield is still free and everything is accessible and can be linked from outside of the site itself.


Furtherfiield Behaviour Statement:

Furtherfield was founded in London in 1996 and is the collaborative work of artists, programmers, writers, activists, musicians and thinkers who explore beyond traditional remits; dedicated to the creation, promotion, and criticism of adventurous digital/networked media art work for public viewing, experience and interaction. Developing imaginative strategies in a range of digital & terrestrial media contexts, Furtherfield develops global, contributory projects that facilitate art activity simultaneously on the Internet, the streets and public venues.

An artist-led group that utilizes networked media to create, explore, nurture and promote the art that happens when connections are made and knowledge is shared – across the boundaries of established art-world institutions and their markets, grass-roots artistic and activist projects and communities of socially-engaged software developers. This is a spectrum that engages from the maverick media-art-makers and small collectives of cross-specialist practitioners, to projects that critique and change dominant hierarchical structures as part of their art process.

more about us here: