Furtherfield reviews, February 2009 – Transmediale.09, Networked Cultures, The Sound of eBay


Transmediale.09 Deep North.
By Giles Askham.

Transmediale.09 Deep North Festival purports to construct an impression of the polar regions as a place that can be “imagined but never truly captured”. In seeking to move beyond prevailing notions of catastrophic environmental change and to examine its broader cultural consequences, the festival aims to adapt and explore creative technologies and point the way to political transformation and creative sustainability.
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by Franz Thalmair.

In 2005 Peter Moertenboeck and Helge Mooshammer initiated the Networked Cultures project, a research platform on the potential of translocally networked spatial practices. Interviews, exhibitions, films and presentations are the many forms they collaborate on architecture, art and theory projects and investigate urban network processes, spaces of geocultural crises, and forms of cultural participation and self-determination.
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The Sound of Ebay.
By KIm De Vries.

The Sound of eBay completes UBERMORGEN.COM’s trilogy that also includes Amazon Noir and Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI)(1). In order to understand the significance of this work, a brief look at recent Net.Art history is helpful. The Sound of eBay seems far significant than it might at first glance. In this project we see the artists’ efforts to get beyond the merely subversive, the superficially interactive, and aesthetically crude work that typified earlier Net.Art. However, I decided to actually ask UBERMORGEN.COM member, Hans Bernhard what they had been aiming to do…
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