Netprov project by Rob Wittig – Grace, Wit & Charm – 14-29 May 2011

A new netprov project, Grace,Wit&Charm™, from electronic literature pioneer Rob Wittig, debuts May 14th and runs till May 29th.

Netprov = networked improv fiction


Grace,Wit&Charm™ is the net’s premiere character enhancement plugin
. . . and it’s been the net’s biggest secret, until now!

Grace,Wit&Charm™ comes out of the shadows for the first time May 14 at
&: #GWandC

_Does your sexting fizzle, not sizzle?
_Does your avatar drop balls and hit walls?

You need Grace,Wit&Charm™!

Grace™ — moves your avatar more beautifully

Wit™ — upgrades your sense of humor

Charm™ — for the romantically impaired

How many of your online friends are already using Grace,Wit&Charm™?

All the coolest ones!

2) HOW DO I PLAY Grace,Wit&Charm™?

a) Go to and enjoy the real-time Online Open House from May 14 onward; the whole story will be there

b) and/or follow the story as it unfolds on Twitter #GWandC

c) and the characters come to life, webstreamed live from the stage Teatro Zuccone 7pm Central May 17th and May 24th; link to the webstream from


Netprov uses everyday social technology plus the ol’ tricks of literature, theater, and graphic design to create relevant new stories. [See more on the definition here ]