NEoN 2010 digital arts festival – Dundee, UK – 8-14 November 2010

8 – 14 November 2010, with ‘happenings’ starting in August

University of Abertay Dundee & City Wide

NEoN 2010 is a seven-day international digital arts festival featuring moving image, performance, music and technology driven arts. The over arching curatorial theme this year is Character: evaluating the abstracted or physical agent in a work of art; investigation of the fictional or psychological systems; observation of the unit of information, symbol, sound or written language. Through this focused dimension NEoN intends to explore the notion of collaboration between visual art, information communication, media production and gaming that will expand digital development and knowledge.

NEoN are pleased to be delivering a packed festival programme of talks, workshops, exhibitions, commissions, screenings, performance and more at many of Dundee’s cultural, business and public spaces. NEoN 2010 is proud to be working with Japanese artist Akinori Oishi, graphics duo TADO and artists from the eponymous Berlin-based project Pictoplasma. Cross sector speakers such as Al Mooney from Adobe, Ian Anderson from Designers Republic and artist/entrepreneur Peter Thaler will stimulate debates around development, design and digital character play.

NEoN will exchange knowledge in key areas such as new business models, digital developments and latest production techniques. It will expand on the notion that art, digital media and games communities can come together to explore new collaborations and open up new levels of opportunities. NEoN will showcase new technology, new software and new art forms that will inevitably have a developmental and cultural impact on the sectors context and will encourage growth in many areas.

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