Nature and Cyberspace – an invitation

From Sue Thomas:

I’d like to invite your help with my new book project, The Wild Surmise: a study of nature and cyberspace.

I’ve created a blog with five questions about your own experience of nature and how you view it in relation to your online life. I’d be really grateful if you could spare the time to respond to some or all of them. Also, if you know of anyone else who might enjoy the project, either as participant or reader, please feel free to pass the url to them. The site only launched yesterday so it is pristine ground!

Many thanks in advance and I hope you have a moment to contribute. You’ll find info on how to do this at

Last year I interviewed a number of people during the first phase of this research and I’ll be publishing those interviews on the site over the next few weeks. Currently you can read N. Katherine Hayles’ responses here and here’s an excerpt from a conversation with Howard Rheingold:

“Most people know me from cyberspace and assume that I live there. I do spend many hours a day online, but what they don’t know is that my body is sitting outside, with my bare feet in contact with the earth. I don’t know that I could live in any other way.” (interview with Howard Rheingold, 2006)

I hope you have a moment to contribute and look forward to reading your thoughts.