Narrative Space Conference – University of Leicester, UK – 20-22 April 2010

An international interdisciplinary conference exploring the interpretive potential of architecture, exhibitions and design.

20-22 April 2010
Keynote Speaker: Peter Greenaway CBE

Narrative Space is a 3-day international interdisciplinary conference exploring the creation of narrative environments in museums, galleries, historic sites, buildings and landscapes. From the level of the site and the building down to the level of the exhibition and the object, how can we create environments which tell stories of people, of places and of collections? How can spaces, objects and a range of media be utilised to create spatial experiences which are engaging, meaningful and memorable?

Narrative Space draws together museum professionals, exhibition designers, architects and academics to explore practice at the cutting-edge of exhibition and experience making. In order to explore this vast area of research and practice it covers a range of themes including the ability of sites and buildings to hold or be overlaid with narratives; the history and theory of display; museums and exhibitions as spatial media; harnessing the spatial character, history and potential of buildings and sites; the nature and role of narrative and storytelling in the making of interpretive environments; the role of visitor-centred design in the production of museum space; and the emergence of a new range of interpretive approaches to museum and exhibition making which cut across architecture, film, design, digital media, interior and graphic design, literature and art.

Proposals are sought from museum practitioners, architects, designers, artists, filmmakers and others actively involved in the imaginative reshaping of museums, galleries and visitor experiences as well as academics researching in the areas of museum and gallery architecture, exhibition and display, both historical and contemporary.