n.paradoxa volume 29 Trans-Asia

Volume 29 (Jan 2012) of n.paradoxa is published in print and online! The theme is Trans-Asia. Go to http://www.ktpress.co.uk to purchase or peruse. Moving across Asia, this volume includes material from women writers and artists working in China, Korea, USA, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, India and Pakistan and includes Artists’ Pages by four exceptional women artists.

Ann Huber-Sigwart ‘Between the Lines: Some thoughts on Sheela Gowda’s works’
Kim Hong-hee ‘Contemporary Korean Activist and Feminist Art’
Peggy Wang ‘Subversion, Culture Shock, and “Women’s Art”: An Interview with Lin Tianmiao’
Artists’ Pages: Nalini Malani ‘In Search of Vanished Blood…’
Artists’ Pages: Hong-Kai Wang ‘Music While We Work’
Artists’ Pages: Yong Soon Min ‘OVERSEAS / at Sea’
Saisha Grayson ‘Breathing Between the Lines: Re-Deconstruction in Chitra Ganesh’s Tales of Amnesia’
Artists’ Pages: Judy Freya Sibayan ‘Scapular Gallery Nomad : The Wonderful World of a Small Art Gallery Resting on my Shoulders’
Patricia Karetzky ‘Cui Xiuwen’s Recent Work: Spiritual Realms in the Material World ‘
Carla Bianpoen ‘Indonesian Women Artists make their Mark’
Flaudette May Datuin ‘Sow and Till: The Revolving Secret Garden (Reflections on a Class Project)’
Shibin Zhang ‘Xiaoyan Fan: Strength / Weakness’
Salima Hashmi ‘”Sinful Women”: Women Artists from Pakistan’