Museum of the Future of the History of the Book

The first draft of the opening video from MOFOHOB (the Museum of the Future of the History of the Book), a project organised by Chris Meade (Director of if:book london). MOFOHOB is an experience in reading designed to unfold with Year 8 and 9 school students and to be piloted this spring in 4 secondary schools in the UK, with work commissioned from Cory Doctorow, Michael Rosen, Naomi Alderman, Jacob Polley, Eva Salzman, Kate Pullinger and myself, who are being asked to write literature of the future. Artist Toni Lebusque is rendering classic and contemporary texts in different new media formats from Flash animation to CommentPress, in Manga, machinema and more; poet Daljit Nagra is advising on the selection of texts to include and web developer Simon Fox is creating a customised site for the project while Chris Meade is developing the overall story with writer and actor Cindy Oswin. The aim is to create a package that will be freely available to all schools from this autumn.