Move 008, the new media show – deadline 13 June 2008

apply and be a part of move, the new media show. the indie pavilion 008 is now open to applicants []

are you digital? are you sure? do you use the new media in a daring way? does your work explore digital dynamics though the results might not show it? are you one of those that can only live connected?

photo(info)graphy /video(info)graphy / / robot-junk /environments/ presence

some of the works will come from guest artists directly invited by us, but the main part of the show will be made up by the chosen applicants.

how to participate in the independent new media move 008

-> digital works from any country made in 2007 onwards are accepted

+ pieces which include dialogues, texts or voiceover should be dubbed or subtitled in spanish.

-> formats:

+ photo(info)graphy
any format not bigger than 20mb when uncompressed (in format.tiff uncompressed)

+ video(info)graphy
film <00h07m00s in any digital format that can be played in a standard dvd player with proper resolution to view on a 42 inches plasma tv + either local, in any of usual executable formats, or online also known as + robot-junk any type of *objects* allowed in a dorkbot [] + environments as with robot-junk and more + presence anything you can think of which is not mentioned here -> works can be sent from now until 13 june 2008

-> the organisation will pay for the copyright to the chosen artists for the period of the show.

definition of the 2008 indie pavilion at move the new media digital show:

the indie pavilion will open with the new media digital show 008 and will illustrate the boldest side of the digital art market

digital art is usually found at the periphery of commercial art but our show intends to find and put together a good selection of these types of works. at the indie pavilion they would be under the same conditions as the rest, on a commission basis. this income may cover the costs of putting them on show but under any circumstance would these works be undersold as it would be unfair not only to the artists but also to the galleries present at this digital art market.

we will:

have good samples of digital art which otherwise wouldn’t afford to be present. offering then a representative selection of what’s
cooking digital art.

give an opportunity to the artist to sell

the indie pavilion will exhibit works entirely digital, that is, those that use the new media in a no banal manner, photo(info)praphy,
video(info)graphy, (local or online, also called, robot-junk, environments and presence.

the indie pavilion will be located in a specific area inside the digital art market and for the same period of time as the move show; from 13 to 16 november 2008.

artists will be able to show their work if they have been invited by the move’s curator nilo casares, or have been selected by him from the applications received.

with this official announcement we are trying to sound out the current state of digital art in its different representations. indie
pavilion aims to show samples of what is being produced and in no way should be seen as a contest. the selection process endeavours not to qualify but to classify. there will be plenty of participants; their works will be a reflection of how digital art stands nowadays in all its aspects. it plans to show not only what is in the current digital art arena but also the direction it is taking.

news update on []

for further information please contact angeles b brines – newmediassistant [at]

if file > 2mb; send to nilo dot casares at gmail dot com