media-N New Media Artist Statements – deadline 30 April 2007

Spring Edition, 2007

Theme: Bits, Bytes and the Rhetoric of Practice: New Media Artist Statements

In this edition of media-N we invite new media arts practitioners to submit personal artist statements and examples of their practice. The commentary (no more than 500 words) should describe the work and contextualize it within the field of new media practice and ideas. In addition, include a short biographical statement (no more than 100 words) at the end of your artist statement.

Event reviews: The editorial board also invites proposals for reviews of exhibitions, events, festivals, conferences, etc. See examples of reviews in the current issue.

[·] Submission deadline: April 30 2007

[·] Paper format and media format for Bits, Bytes and the Rhetoric of Practice: New Media Artist Statements

We seek artist statements of no more than 500 words, with an additional biographical statement of no more than 100 words. Please use a standard word-processing program such as Microsoft Word. PC and Mac versions are both acceptable. You may use italics, boldface, and diacritics, but do not use HTML tags. It is best to send the review as an email attachment in Microsoft Word.Please do not cut and paste the review into the body of an email, as formatting may be lost or changed in the e-mail transmission.

Include no more than 20 examples of artwork (this could be still images, video clips, audio clips, etc, as applicable.) Media Formats: jpeg, avi, swf and additional formats on case by case basis (mov/mpeg/wav/aiff). Be sure to attach these files separately as well as in the body of the text.

[·] Media-N author’s agreement is available from the ‘Copyright Statement’ link

[·] Send manuscripts via email to: Rachel Clarke, Editor in Chief ()