Marc Garrett interviews Chris Dooks

Marc Garrett interviews Chris Dooks.

A ‘Polymath’ exploring various creative avenues, making his art using different media. Whether it be directing arts-based TV documentaries, explorative psychogeographical projects, design, composing and making music or audio visual installations.

This interview reveals various levels and approaches by Chris Dooks. An inquistive and playful mind is at work here, engaged in exploring across different forms of personal agency, as well as redefining his practice in relation to the world he exists in, and the people he comes across in connection to various projects. His art is not a singular activity. Meaning, he does not rest in one particular art genre or movement. Instead, we are asked to acknowledge a personal enquiry formed from different engagements and choice of mediums, which happen to meet his creative intentions and questions at the time. We are all relational beings and Chris Dooks is a clear example of how this can work in an artistic context.