make-shift – HTTP Gallery, London, 22nd July, 7pm

make-shift – Thursday 22nd July 7pm
HTTP Gallery, Green Lanes, London

You are invited to attend and actively contribute to a work in process sharing of make-shift – a networked performance about connectivity and consequences.

Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ/Europe) and Paula Crutchlow (UK) are artists from different performance backgrounds whose new collaboration, make-shift, explores meaningful ways of engaging in discussion across physical and digital networks. make-shift will be a salon-style event, taking place simultaneously in two domestic spaces (with one artist present in each space) and also online – more information about the project is at

The process of making make-shift has begun with a two-week residency at, London, and in this presentation the artists would like to share some of their research and try out some ideas. You will be asked questions and invited to contribute your expertise, experience and opinions to this process. The artists are working in the spaces between disciplines and genres and are deliberately inviting people from a range fields to get a range of input. Your contribution to this will be very much valued.

You must RSVP (to brokers at as the proximal audience is limited (there will also be the opportunity to participate online if you are not in London or can’t get to the event). Everyone who is attending is asked to collect their plastic rubbish over a 24 hour period and bring it to the presentation (please wash anything that had food in it!)

We also need two volunteers to prepare specific tasks before the event – please email brokers at if you would like to volunteer.