Magnificent Revolution pedal power cinema and events – looking for help! (London,UK)

Magnificent Revolution has awaken from the winter slumber and started booking up for workshops, events and festivals. With 46 workshops and 23 potential events lined up already, it looks like we’re going to be super busy! However, we can’t do it all on our own. Come and help us out!

_*We need help with? *_

*1. Running and developing our workshops*
– Energy workshops in primary and secondary schools across London – 12 volt sound system and generator building workshops for adults and youngsters

*2. Producing, programming, running and documenting our events *
– Wood Festival, Shambala Festival, Thames Fest, Liverpool Biennial, Bristol Harbour Festival and many many more

– Regular Magnificent Revolution outdoor pedal power cinema and pedal sessions (pedal powered band recording) in London

*3. AND the most exciting of all …Admin and Fundraising * (you know this is the one you really want to do as without it we go under) :((
– We’re currently fundraising to get cash for specific projects and to be able to hire another part time person as we’re in desperate need. Too much work, too little people!

_*What will you get out if? *_

The most amazing and exhilarating experience of your life, pedalling away, spreading the good vibes of micro power generation and energy respect!

And you may gain some wonderful skills that may come useful:
– Event production and management
– Developing new creative workshops for children and adults
– Learning all about pedal-power and how to put together your own system
– Building bicycle sculptures and 12V sound systems
– Promoting cycling and environmental education in schools and local communities
– Creating new online media and resources for our website


Get in touch, come chat to us, and if we don’t scare you then get on board!

Mag Rev