Machinima event – Leicester UK, 6pm, 18 March 2010

Phoenix Square
Midland Street
Screen 2
Thu 18 Mar, 6pm

Machinima (machine + animation + cinema) is the making of original films from real-time play of 3D computer
games engines. As a contemporary art movement and an online alternative to broadcast media, machinima
has seen a phenomenal growth in both creation and viewership of content.

Speakers Dr Tracey Harwood and Chantal Harvey (aka Mamachinima) will provide an introduction to Machinima
and give an overview of the key things to consider when making a Machinima film. There will also be a screening of a selection of award winning Machinima shorts.

This is a free event. Please contact the box office to reserve a place.

Box Office: 0116 242 2800 / Book Online: