MA in Interactive Media: Critical Theory & Practice – Goldsmiths, London UK – AHRC funding deadline 1 March 2012

We want you to join us at this cutting edge of media theory and practice. We’re looking for students from design, scientific, artistic, cultural, philosophical, and/or political backgrounds who have felt the polarity of their disciplines and are looking for a critical environment in which the practical and theoretical carry equal weight and are not simply merged.

You’ll be tutored by leading theorists including Luciana Parisi (author of Abstract Sex), Graham Harwood (Transmediale Festival prize 2009,, with special input from Bernard Stiegler (author of Technics and Time) Matthew Fuller (editor of Software Studies, Keynote at Transmediale 2012, and Scott Lash (author of Critique of Information). You’ll be studying in a vibrant research field.

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In the last ten years, interactive media have increasingly become part of the exciting new field of computational culture. Computation can no longer remain the property of specialised expertise. We believe that coding, programmability and modelling are investing culture by operating as open-source forms of knowledge, aesthetic and power. Interactive media are for us agents of computational cultures ready to re-formalise the way in which we see theory and practice.