London Poetry Systems call for submissions – ongoing deadline

Welcome to London Poetry Systems, the poetry project committed to showcasing all sorts of new and exciting poetic performance both in our live events in the UK and online. We hope to provide space and a platform for experimentation into AV and digital poetry in any shape or size. Although the Systems is based in London we have contributors from all over the world who share our passion for innovation and experimentation in poetry. Help us grow by submitting poems and thoughts to us in any media form.

London Poetry Systems welcomes submissions as MP3s and linked movie files. The best way to submit is by email (Contact).

We have a diverse group of external selectors who help us narrow down the submissions and counter any prejudices we might have. We’re all passionate about our own poetic area and fascinated by the possibilities of blending of new media, but LPS’s ambition is to show a representational array of contemporary poetry to our visitors – not just the stuff that wins prizes. This is an exciting time for poetry – with technological advances daily throwing up so many new, accessible and fascinating ways of creating poetry. Join us in our mission to show real poetry to the world – far from the grind of commerce..

Please submit no more than 15 minutes of audio poem in one go. If what you want to submit is longer – please make that clear in your intro note and we can sort something out.

Movie and digital poetry should, if possible, also be sent electronically. If the file size is too great then email us and we can do it by some other means. This is easy, so don’t be put off…

Copyrighting is up to you. We recommend You can email us the html of the copyright license so that we can display it. That way everyone can see what kind of rights you reserve, if any..