Museum of London

London and the history of video games – Museum of London, 26 September 2016, 19:00-20:30

This talk will look into depictions of London in video games from historic to modern video games and from British to non-British developers. The Museum of London is currently engaged in a new, experimental collecting project which encompasses all digital media including film/video, sound, social media, and the web. The focus of the current digital collecting area is around Video Games. MoL has acquired 18 video games that represent or misrepresent London in their narrative. A collection that spans from 1982-2000 and highlights the depiction of London as a place and as a concept.
But how is a city represented in the digital world? In a video game?

A city is more than bridges, money, buildings and cables, more even than the social networks, lives and institutions within it. Cities are fluid entities that evolve and expand ceaselessly. Videogames, because they are experienced through motion and activity, have the capacity to depict a range of urban structures, representations, and systems.

Jack Gosling (freelance writer for the Londonist)
Jordan Webber (freelance journalist specialising in games)
Tristan Donovan (Author of the acclaimed Replay: The History of Video Games and writes about games for The Times, Stuff, Eurogamer and Gamasutra)