“Lift up your heads, O ye gates” – an appreciation of David Daniels

Newly co-published by Furtherfield and The Hyperliterature Exchange: an appreciation of David Daniels, the great shape-poet, who died in May 2008.

“Daniels is one of those figures who straddles the divide between digital and pre-digital art and literature… His art is about liberation, uninhibited outpouring, spontaneity and fun.”

To read the whole article, go to http://www.hyperex.co.uk/reviewdaniels.php .

A page of tributes to David Daniels (entitled “Tributes to David Daniels by divers hands”) is also being compiled at http://hyperex.co.uk/reviewdanielstributes.php . If you would like to add a tribute of your own (in whatever form you prefer), please send it to edward at edwardpicot.com – a small prize will be sent to the best one received before 1st March 2009.