L. Lee Lowe’s “Mortal Ghost”

Mortal Ghost – http://mortalghost.blogspot.com
Podcast – http://lleelowe.com
Blog – http://lowebrow.blogspot.com

I’ve had this one sitting in my inbox for a shocking amount of time now (sorry Lee), and I’ve spent most of that time dithering over whether to post it here or not. I’ll quickly add, that’s not because it’s bad! I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in young adult fantasy. Lee offers a range of formats to experience the novel (blog, pdf or podcasts), and he has released the novel under a Creative Commons license. Both of these elements – the chance to comment directly as the story is posted, and the CC license, suggest he is much more forward-thinking than almost all the big-name authors out there.

I’ve procrastinated on posting because this residency blog is supposed to be about those types of electronic literature that can’t be reproduced in print. But what’s the point of having rules if you can’t break them now and again? Nice one Lee, good luck with the new novel… and I’ll try to be more prompt next time around!


  • Lee says:

    Hi Chris, I must be even slower than you, since I’ve just noticed this post (by finally trying out the Ask.com search engine).

    My next novel, Corvus, will again be a straightforward serialisation, but after that I’m keen to try something more in line with your brief, truly electronic literature. The possibilities are tantalising…

  • Chris Joseph says:

    Hi Lee,

    looking forward to Corvus!

    yes, there are so many great possibilities, many barely explored so far… any idea yet what direction you might like to take with the post-Corvus project?


  • Lee says:

    It’s still very vague at this point. I’m also a bit odd in that I don’t like to talk too much about a future project till it’s quite far along: superstition? dissipation of my energy? Who knows.

  • Chris Joseph says:

    I know exactly what you mean…. maybe it is a little superstitious, but it can definitely be a bad thing to put an idea out there before the time is right!