Joseph Young & The NeoFuturist Collective – interview by Marc Garrett on Furtherfield

Joseph Young & The NeoFuturist Collective.

Marc Garrett interviews Joseph Young.

Founded by Joseph Young in 2007 – The Neo Futurist Collective consists of a group of highly accomplished artists who have come together to celebrate urban noise in all its’ visual and aural forms.

Inspired by the Milan Futurists and the Art of Noises manifesto (Luigi Russolo, 1912), as well the poetics of the Dada movement, the collective are arch-modernists; united in the hope of a positive future where technology, art and humanity will unite to overcome pessimism, despondency and futile utopianism in all its spurious forms.

Current and recent commissions include performance with ‘Curious in The moment I saw you I knew I could love you’. Artist-in-Residence at Blast Theory; workshop leader with Mikhail Karikis at Tate Modern – The voice and everything else; a series of commissioned films with video artist Abigail Norris for Architecture Inside Out  – a collaboration between disabled artists and architects at Woking Lightbox and Tate Modern.