Jeremy Bailey Interview on the Netbehaviour email list

Jeremy Bailey Interview on the Netbehaviour email list
Thursday 11th – 18th Sept 08.

Join Marc Garrett and other Netbehaviourists in a dynamic discussion with artist Jeremy Bailey by subscribing to the mailing list

As the opening of “The Jeremy Bailey Show” at the HTTP Gallery ( draws nearer, Jeremy Bailey will be joining the Netbehaviour email list to discuss his work with Marc Garrett & other subscribers to Netbehaviour.

The discussion will touch on Jeremy’s influences and ideas about networked performance art, video art, software art, collaborative art, GUI design with reference to his artworks:-

Terraform Dance Party:

VideoPaint 3.0:


We will also be discussing ‘WarMail’, Jeremy’s latest artwork which incorporates live, audience participation; commissioned specially for the exhibition and to be performed on the opening night.

“WarMail is a sort of email/war/expression hybrid interface. The premise goes something like this…
In the future with intergalactic war occupying such immense space (and birthrates at record lows) it will be impossible to both administrate and defend our interests across solar systems while also having time to get together socially, this software is the probable solution to this inevitable social/production/military readiness crisis. The program allows a group or individual to type out an email by firing missiles at abstract rotating pyramid clusters hovering above a blue planet (apparently habitable). Each hit also registers a musical note which you can use to compose and playback music(culture is a valuable part of any civilization). Herein the group’s collective voice and choreography control the movements and actions of the spacecraft. The group’s actions are also tracked and aided by a red avatar named “skullBot” visible at center.” Jeremy Bailey.

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