iPad OpenGL ES workshop – Imperial College, London, 1-2 July 2010

We are thinking about hosting a short iPad OpenGL ES workshop, to be conducted at Imperial College London (South Kensington) on July 1, and repeated on July 2 if numbers dictate (maximum of 12 seats per day).

The workshop will briefly cover the basics of iPad app design but will focus on giving participants a working knowledge of OpenGL ES development for the iPad. It will be of greatest benefit to participants with a working knowledge of iPhone/iPad app development, although this would not be a requirement for attendance.

The workshop will be free and run by a professional instructor. Participants must bring their own Mac laptop with the iPhone SDK 3.2 installed. Participants can also bring their own devices to build to, although this is not a requirement as the simulator that comes with the SDK should be sufficient for following the exercises.

If there is sufficient interest, I can also run an informal session the day before the workshop to ensure that all participants can at least build to their simulator, and demonstrate the anatomy of a Universal iPhone/iPad app through a simple game with AI.

If you would like to attend this workshop, please email me with answers to the questions below:

Dr Cameron Browne
Computational Creativity Group
Imperial College London

1. Preferred date.

2. Level of experience with iPhone/iPad development:
– Have you run an app on the simulator?
– Have you built an app to a device?

3. Level of experience with OpenGL.

4. Would you plan to build to your own device at the workshop?

5. Would you plan to also attend the informal pre-workshop session?