IOCT Salon (video): Andy Campbell and Dreaming Methods, 31 January 2008

Andy Campbell at the Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT), De Montfort University, Leicester, UK on 31st January 2008. Supported by the Arts Council England.

Since the 1990’s Andy Campbell has experimented with the possibilities of writing fiction for the computer screen and, although most people still consider fiction something they’d read from a book, an explosion of blogs, online journals, text-based “web art” projects and the introduction of electronic portable reading devices has generated a new wave of mashed up narrative experiments and intrigued (often confused) audiences.

Andy Campbell’s website Dreaming Methods combines fictional narratives with other media such as film, photography, animation and music. The results are highly challenging but compelling reading experiences that explore dream inspired states, the subconscious and the deterioration of memory. Projects are often visually haunting and atmospherically immersive where the text itself floats, mutates and gets entangled with motion graphics creating powerful ‘scenes’ throughout the ‘story’.

At this event Andy presented recent Dreaming Methods projects on a big screen, including a preview of a new project “Clearance”, an apocalyptic digital fiction created with film-maker Judi Alston. The talk will included discussion around the possibilities of new forms of electronic narratives – from full-blown cinematic multimedia to exciting new e-book standards.