Interview with Mark Amerika by Mark Hancock in DIGIMAG 68 October 2011

Mark Amerika has been a prolific and creative force exploring the worlds of net art and writing (both offline and online), while developing a theoretical and creative response to the changing media and potential opportunities that those create.

He loves to call himself a “digital jack-of-all-trades”, and it is true that his online networking has always been focused on the collection and the remix of images, texts, codes, sounds, multimedia, in terms of literary, theatrical and pedagogical and psychogeography theories.

The following interview took place via email, while Mark Amerika was in the middle of promoting another project “Remixthebook”, somewhat representative of his entire oeuvre. A book, published by University of Minnesota Press, which relies on a website ( as a hub with the aim to digitally remix some of the theories expressed (by authors such as Janneke Adema, Beiguelman Giselle, Julie Carr, David Gunkel, Gary Hall, Frieder nake, Craig Saper Darren Tofts, Gregory
Ulmer, Chad Mossholder, Michael Theodore, Michelle Ellsworth, Rick Silva, Will Luers, Yoshi Sodeoka, Mark McCoin, Curt Cloninger, Kate Armstrong, Maria Miranda) in the book.