International Prize for Digital Literature – deadline 14 September 2007

International Prize for Digital Literature

Submissions are open for the 3rd Ciutat de Vinaros International Prize of Digital Literature. There are three prizes in Digital Narrative (2500 Euros), Digital Poetry (2500 Euros) and a special ‘Vincent Ferrer Romero’ Prize for the best work of Digital Literature written in Catalan (1000 Euros). This is currently the only annual prize competition with a substantial purse in electronic literature, and all digital authors are encouraged to submit. The judging criteria specify:

* Works that explore and use the possibilities of the computer as a space for creation.
* Literary quality, seen as the renovation of poetic and narrative techniques through new means of creation.
* Quality and accessibility of the interface design.
* In the case of digital poetry, texts submitted may comprise a single piece of work or a compilation of poetry.
* The jury will also take into account works that experiment with the Internet as a medium for literary creation.
* Works entered for these prizes must be unpublished and written in one of the following languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or Catalan.

The submission deadline is September 14, 2007.