International Gangart Awards call to redesign site – deadline 30 June 2007

The international Gangart Awards, recognising since 2001 the best of intercultural arts on the web, is taking a year off to review and relaunch. In the meantime, Gangart announces a design competition to redesign the very website that showcases intercultural arts.

This is the first hiatus year in the history of Gangart, providing the Awards with a valuable opportunity to focus its community on the concept of intercultural arts itself.

“Year after year we’re dazzled by an enormous range of impressive work, taking the web as a medium to new places,” said Gangart’s founder and coordinator Gerald Ganglbauer. “Looking at our own site, we identified a need to develop a showcase of intercultural arts – to throw open the challenge to our community.”

The Gangart Site Design Competition is open to all designers and developers who are able to demonstrate a proof of concept for the redesign of our website. Use our Awards criteria to inspire you! What should Intercultural Arts on the Web look like?

The Gangart panel will judge entries based on criteria that have been used since 2001 to judge Gangart Award submissions. Entries must clearly accommodate multilingual and/or multicultural work, and the design may choose to reflect this. They must display artistic leadership, technical expertise (lean error free code, elegantly written, compatible with all major browsers), userfriendly site development, sensible site architecture and navigation, presented in beautiful and clean design and created with original graphic elements. The work of young, emerging artists is especially encouraged.

At the time of writing, sponsors are being solicited to provide attractive prizes, and these will be announced on the website and via this list. Runners-up will have their work published on the Gangart site, while the winner will be invited to reconstruct the site according to their design.


To enter, visit and send your entry, Subject: REDESIGN US!, with your contact details to and attach your screenshots plus your explanatory brief, in a PDF no more than 1MB. In writing your explanatory brief you may wish to refer to the selection criteria above. Entries close on Saturday, 30 June 2007. Winners will be selected by the Gangart panel and announced in October 2007. Keep an eye on the Gangart website for prize details.


Esther Anatolitis, General Manager, Express Media, Melbourne
Elisabeth Birkhan, Art Director, mokka medienagentur, Vienna
Gerald Ganglbauer, Publisher,, Sydney
Sue Gill, Artist, Australian Geographic, Sydney
Markus Huber, Director,, Vienna
Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek, Designers,, London
Chris Joseph, Artist, Canada and London
Sylvia Petter, Writer, Vienna