International Fellowship Program for Art and Theory 2010-11 at Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen – deadline 29 January 2010


Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen invites visual and media artists, art critics, theorists, and curators to apply for a fellowship in 2010–2011. Candidates can apply for one or two semesters (October 1, 2010 – February 18, 2011 and/or February 21 -July 8, 2011).

[The closing date for submissions is January 29, 2010 (postmark).]


Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen is a post-graduate center for production, research, exchange in the fields of visual arts and art theory. Within the framework of the ‘International Fellowship Program for Art and Theory,’ the Kunstlerhaus provides a platform that facilitates the development and production of artistic and art-theoretical projects in a critical context. At the same time, Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen offers a forum for direct exchange between professionals – artists, theoreticians, critics, and curators – from the region and abroad, as well as a point of interaction with local interested audiences. Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen is affiliated with the Tyrolean Artists’ Association, the major association of visual artists from the region.

Buchsenhausen brings together two programs under one roof. On the one hand, it is the site of the ‘International Fellowship Program for Art and Theory.’ On the other hand, it is the location of several studios for artists based in Tyrol, who require space for working in a professionally interesting environment.

The building – the eastern wing of the Buchsenhausen Castle, built in the middle of the 17th century and situated not far from the center of the city of Innsbruck – houses nine studios and a project space. Three apartment studios are used by the fellows of the fellowship program. Six studios are available to artists based in Tyrol. The project and presentation space is equipped with multimedia facilities and is at the fellows’ disposal.

[International Fellowship Program]

With its Fellowship Program for Art and Theory, Buchsenhausen promotes internationally relevant artistic production, research, and discussion in the region of Tyrol. The program is based on the idea of generating and maintaining a context for production and discussion, in which artists and theorists can connect and reflect on international art and societal discourses in relation to local topics and issues. At the same time, it affords the opportunity for an artistic laboratory of experimentation, where new artistic practices and strategies may be tried out.

The program’s aims are:
* To improve the production of a qualified discourse on art and society in the local and global context;
* To improve exchange between cultural producers in the visual arts and beyond (creating a network of experts);
* To support and expand the critical, socially relevant artistic and art-theoretical production of knowledge;
* To facilitate the transfer of knowledge between the art field and the public outside the art context.
The program brings together the advantages of a residency with the possibilities of a postgraduate non-university lectureship, without offering a formalized educational program. In terms of content, the program addresses both the interested public in the region as well as a worldwide public made up of professionals in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, art and media theory and criticism.

The fellows are selected by a jury of experts following an open call for applications. They come to Buchsenhausen for one or two semesters to work on realizing their submitted projects or research, and accompany this process with public events. For this purpose, Buchsenhausen offers a monthly stipend, a production budget, working spaces, free lodging, and artistic and technical advice.

The conveyance and discussion of the fellow’s own work occurs parallel to the development of the individual projects. The public events take place in series. The focus of these series of events is determined by the respective emphases of the various fellows’ works. Within the framework of this discursive format, the fellows (or their guests) can present various points in their research, open up their works-in-progress to critical discussion, interact with experts who they invite, work through content with the public, and/or try out new ways of working.

For former and current fellows and their projects please visit


* a grant of EUR 700/month to cover living expenses;
* an individual studio for working and living, furnished with a large shared kitchen;
* a production budget for the realization of the proposed project;
* the possibility of inviting experts to Buchsenhausen in order to have a professional exchange;
* the opportunity of a group exhibition at the end of the fellowship at the Kunstpavillon in Innsbruck.


* free access to the ‘Labor’, the project/gallery space
* free use of the available multimedia production equipment in the ‘Labor’
* free DSL/WLAN Internet access
* professional artistic advice
* technical advice if required


Professional visual/media artists, art theorists, art critics, and curators from all over the world are eligible for the fellowship.


The candidates must submit a project proposal. Work on the submitted project forms the core of each fellow’s activities during his/her stay in Buchsenhausen. A description of a series of public events intended to accompany the individual work during the duration of the fellowship (four to six events) is also an integral part of the project proposal. If the application is successful, the fellows are required to specify the details of the presentation series and carry out the proposed program.

The fellows must be present in Buchsenhausen for a minimum of two thirds of the allocated fellowship time. Working knowledge of English is required.


The selection of fellows is made by a jury of experts and based on the quality, originality, and relevance of the project proposal and the work samples submitted by the applicants. The jury includes the director of
Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen, a member of the board of the ‘Tyrolean Artists’ Association’ and one external expert.

The selection procedure occurs in two stages.

In the first stage, the submitted applications are evaluated and the jury makes a shortlist of candidates who will be invited to Buchsenhausen for personal interviews.

The personal interview with the jury forms the second stage. For the interview, the applicants have to come to Innsbruck to personally present their working plans and aims during the fellowship.

Buchsenhausen will pay for accommodation in Innsbruck for one night, but cannot cover the costs for travel to Innsbruck. Alternatively, a video conference (for instance via Skype) is also possible.

There is no legal right to be awarded a fellowship at Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen. The jury is therefore under no obligation to justify decisions. The jury’s decision will be communicated in written form in March 2010 (first stage) and April 2010 (second stage).

[Application procedure]

Written applications must include the following documents:

* the project proposal (max 2,000 words, 3 copies)
* a visual portfolio/documentation of recent works (artists: max 2 catalogs, max 10 photos, 1 DVD or 1 CD-ROM; theorists/art critics: max 3 recent writing samples)
* a curriculum vitae (3 copies)
* the printed confirmation e-mail of the filled electronic application form

The electronic application form can be found at under the menu item ‘Fellowship Program/Application form.’

The address to which the applications must be posted is:

Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen
Ref.: ‘Fellowship 2010-11’
Weiherburggasse 13/12
6020 Innsbruck


For additional information, please contact: office [at],
phone +43 512 278627, fax -11.