Innovation and the E-volution of E-books by John Warren

A paper by John Warren originally published in the The International Journal of the Book that discusses the e-book phenomenon. The third example he discusses is the digital fiction Inanimate Alice created by Kate Pullinger and myself.


E-books are beginning to emerge from their incunabula stage. While some may think of an e-book as just an electronic image of a paper product, others have used the electronic format to broaden the spectrum of publishing in the digital age. This paper examines three innovative examples that demonstrate the potential and challenges of electronic publications. The first is an online resource providing information on the U.S. health care system, descriptions of policy proposals, and an interactive microsimulation model that estimates the effects of commonly proposed policy changes. The second example is a digital novel utilizing text, sound, images, and gaming in storytelling. The third is a survey of efforts to create digital textbooks with online study resources. Each case study provides insight into the possible future of the e-book.