Inanimate Alice – Teacher’s Edition Suite released

For years, early adopters have presented the Inanimate Alice series to their students, capturing their imaginations and inspiring them to create their own versions of the story. Despite all the inefficiencies of browser/wifi access, those teachers have visited and revisited the site, time and again. They have been rewarded through extraordinarily high levels of student engagement.

Now, with the Teachers’ Edition Suite, the first 5 episodes of the series are available immediately from a click on an icon on the desktop. Gone are download times and slow connections, the story is accessible immediately, anytime, anyplace. What’s more, users can go directly to the desired scene/passage, jump ahead or go back to any segment of the story.

“Wonderful… Teachers and students alike love Inanimate Alice, and it’s especially good to use with our reluctant readers.” – Megan Hallenbeck, Gloversville Middle School, New York [Read more testimonials]

Features & Benefits:

  • Works without a web browser – no Flash or other plugins required
  • Works offline – no internet access necessary and no loading times
  • Teachers’ Edition modes allow easy access to any scene in any episode
  • High resolution, full screen graphics and maximum quality audio
  • Easy digitally signed installation wizard lands all five episode icons on your desktop
  • Navigate the entire story – run multiple episodes at the same time (concurrently) and switch between them
  • ‘Being able to access to the Teachers’ Edition Suite will not only remove for teachers the frustration of poor internet connections and inadequate bandwidth, but it will allow them to refer to the text in its entirety, to examine the development of Alice through the various stages of her life, and to look at how the production values change to match that development. Having the ability to move back and forward through the text at the touch of a button is a huge advantage when it comes to keeping students focused on the text, or indeed, in allowing students to progress at their own pace through the story if that is appropriate.’
    – Literacy Adviser Bill Boyd [Read more testimonials]