Inanimate Alice on The Space (BBC/Arts Council) and Education Services Australia

Apologies to Kate Pullinger for shamelessly cribbing her blog posts for the below. But in my defence, she’s a great writer.

‘Inanimate Alice’ is now available on The Space, the BBC/ Arts Council England showcase of digital arts. After a brief stint on the homepage it now sits in the Literature and Spoken Word section of the site.

In Australia, we are launching a series of digital photo-novellas, ‘Alice in Australia’ (unfortunately these stories are only available to Australia, or those using clever Australian anonymizer servicesUpdate 29 September 2012 – the Australian series of Inanimate Alice is now available to everyone, hurrah!). The stories have been commissioned by Education Services Australia and will chart the lives of Alice and her family during a year they spend based in Melbourne. They are set in the time period between episodes one and two – so after Alice and her parents have left China, but before they move to Saudi Arabia. All the digital assets of these stories will be available for teachers and students for mash-up and remix.